This is Outdoor John. May means many things.

As we all know, May is the month we celebrate Mom.  Mom, the title just above Queen. And if you are really lucky (like me) you also have a Mother-in-law to celebrate. This year I wanted to do something extra special on Mother’s Day for my Mother-in-law, so I bought her a chair. Unfortunately no one will let me plug it in. But seriously, my Mom’s idea of cleaning the house was to watch an episode of hoarders and then say wow, our house looks great!  And Mom would always try to child-proof our house, but we were always able to get back in.  Anyway, all of us at Parkview RV Center celebrate moms everywhere.

May is also National Teachers Month – the month we salute our educators for teaching and putting up with our kids. Once I got into big trouble in science class for missing a big lecture on Jupiter and Mars. I figured my Mom wouldn’t let me travel that far.  Then there was the time they put me in a new school.  After asking my name the teacher asked me what my Father did?  I told her: anything my Mom tells him to.  Oh!  And this just in: a rubber band pistol was confiscated in Algebra class the other day because it was a weapon of math destruction.  All of us at Parkview RV Center salute teachers everywhere.

Don’t for get to pay your respects on Memorial Day this month.  Our fighting men and women of the armed forces certainly deserve it.  You should also try to get outside and enjoy some sunshine with a family bar-b-que.  You know the key to great grilling is to have a sauce that can cover-up all your mistakes.

Hey, it’s time to open up and chase out all those critters living in your RV over the winter.  I guess you can do it yourself and get your ankles all chewed up by some angry varmint living large in your cupboards – or you can bring it to Parkview RV Service Center and let our team of specially trained and certified rodent rangers evict all unwanted guests, Tom & Jerry, Sasquatch, the Kardashins or any other person, place or thing living in your RV.  This is just one of the many special services we offer at Parkview’s service center

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