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Priority RV Network

Only the finest RV's are selected for this program. Then the RV must pass a 240-point inspection to receive the title of Priority RV Certified. Select and buy your RV with confidence, knowing you have the best value available. You will enjoy the pride of ownership and satisfaction knowing your RV is protected by a 90 day comprehensive service warranty.

When our customers travel, they will take a network of dealerships with them. With your Priority Service Card, you will be given priority service at over 100 Dealerships all part of this Priority RV Service program. If you're more than 100 miles away from your home dealership, the closet dealer in this network to your location would be happy to service your recreational vehicle and get you back on the road.
Similar to high-line automotive companies, we offer a 90-day comprehensive service warranty. Only the best pre-owned RV's are part of the Extended Care program. All Priority RV Certified RV's go through a 240-point inspection.
Priority RV Road Care offers 24/7 Technical Support and Roadside assistance. Our Concierge services will be your guide, make your dinner reservations and refer you to exciting local activities on and off the road. This program provides a Gold membership fitting you and your family's needs!
Is your RV adequately covered? Most people cover the RV's under their auto policy, but don't read the fine print. Priority RV Insurance is designed specifically for your RV and your personal belongings in your RV. Insurance quotes are provided in 10 minutes. We bind the coverage on your new RV immediately. It's 1-stop shopping when you purchase Priority RV Insurance at the dealership the day you purchase your recreational vehicle.
Peace of mind for all our customers is our Number 1 priority. If you should ever encounter a major service breakdown, Priority RV Extended Care is there for your RV investment. Priority RV Extended Care provides you with repair protection as you use your RV. Priority Extended Care allows you to purchase specialized parts and products for your RV without the hassle.

In 1997 a small group of highly successful dealers banded together and formed the REDEX (Recreation Dealer Exchange) organization. Initially REDEX envisioned purchasing RV products and services at substantial discounts and passing that savings onto the RV consumer thereby giving REDEX members a competitive edge in the market place. 

The plan worked; dealers from coast to coast recognized the growth of this organization and wanted to join. In 2008 REDEX transformed the closely held business into a nationwide cooperative providing all dealers equal ownership in the company REDEX has grown to 50+ dealerships representing over 100 locations in 36 states.

Recently REDEX developed new innovative consumer programs that provide RV'ers exclusive REDEX programs branded with the “Priority RV” name.

With your decision to choose a Recreational Vehicle (RV), you have given yourself the freedom to take off and go anywhere anytime exploring new places, viewing nature the way few are able to YOUR pace, not on someone else's schedule. Whether you stay at established campgrounds or “rough it” with little more than a campfire, you'll always have your own warm bed, your own private bath, home cooked meals and plenty of room to bring along the things you need and enjoy. more packing and unpacking, no more airport delays or hotel hassles. Just you, your family and the comfort of the great outdoors.

REDEX, America's Largest RV Dealer Network is dedicated to providing consumers the best value available in the RV industry.

REDEX Mission Statement:

REDEX provides innovative, convenient, value driven programs to an exclusive nationwide dealer network creating a competitive advantage for its members while providing value to their customers.

REDEX membership is SELECTIVE! REDEX membership is an exclusive honor throughout the RV industry. Only the dealerships that meet a strict criteria are allowed to join. This ensures the best products and services will be offered to all customers.

Financial stability 
Customer satisfaction 
High dealership sales volume 
Superior parts and service facilities 
Outstanding reputation with manufacturers, suppliers and customers 
Quality of personnel 
Commitment to REDEX Priority Service Program 
Adherence to the strictest REDEX Code of Ethics