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About Parkview RV Center in Smyrna Delaware

The business was started as a used car lot with Bob's dream of someday offering recreational vehicles. The used car inventory was always clean, organized, mechanically in good condition, and sold with a 30 day warranty. The staff at that time was made up of Robert, Lucille, and one employee. Robert and Lucille did without many of life's pleasures and worked long hours, six days a week to make sure the business survived. When their children were not in school, Gary, Brenda, Rick, and Randy would help out by cleaning the lot or washing cars.

After a lot of hard work the business started to grow. It was at that time, Robert's dream of selling and servicing recreational vehicles came true in 1970 when the company started selling Nimrod tent campers. They had no idea how much fun it was helping people find the right recreational vehicle!

In 1971, they added Space Age, Globestar travel trailers, and Swinger motor homes to the inventory selection. Additional employees were needed to handle the growth but Robert and Lucille still worked six days a week and sometimes seven to keep up.

Business was growing and everyone was doing well until the winter of 1973. The Arabian oil embargo devastated the entire recreational vehicle industry. Recreational vehicles businesses were closing at record numbers. Robert decided it was time to exit the automobile and Class A motor home business and concentrate on Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels. Robert and Lucille's son, Rick, graduated from college in June 1973 and was hired to be service manager. In December 1973, they decided to sell Prowler travel trailers. The line was previously sold by a competitor who went out of business. They were the number 1 selling travel trailer at the time. This was a big risk because the country was in a recession and credit was tight but the decision paid off. The Prowler line was a huge success for them for many years.

In 1977-78, the industry and our business were at record levels! We increased our staff to handle the growth and added new motor home product lines. Robert and Lucille's youngest son, Randy graduated from school and started working with the family in the parts and service area. Rick then moved to sales as sales manager. Business was doing very well until July 1978 when a fire broke out one night after closing in the RV Service area and completely destroyed the service building. Lucky for us that no one was injured but it took several months to get the building replaced and operations back to normal. Business started to fall off in 1979 and the country headed for another downturn.

The next business challenge was in 1980-81 when our country went into another recession which included a 21% prime rate. Again, we left the motor home business to survive but the company made changes to survive and we came out much stronger.

In 1985 we were contacted by Winnebago Industries that the local dealer was going out of business and wanted to talk with us. Winnebago was the leader in Class A Diesel Motorhomes, Class A Gas Motorhomes, and Class C Motorhomes sales for years and was regarded as the most innovative recreational vehicle manufacturer. We signed the dealer agreement and have never regretted our decision. They have been a great business partner and we value our relationship.

In November 1986, our founder Robert G. Horsey passed away after a short battle with cancer. The company was turned over to Rick, who has been president since that time. Rick's wife Sharon joined the company in 1985 to help manage the day to day operations in accounting. Lucille continued to work in titles and accounting until her retirement.

The core values of the founders continue today in the third generation of owners, Rick and Sharon's children, Amy and Ryan. The values of honesty, integrity, respect, reliability, responsiveness, compassion, and courtesy to our associates, customers, and stakeholders are the cornerstone of everything we do.

The company's mission is: "To provide superior products and personal services which foster lifetime relationships between our associates and customers. To achieve our mission, we will create a team which will remain focused and encourage 100% involvement from all! We will support each other with the knowledge, skill, and desire which will create a high standard of excellence"

After many years, we identified the most important attributes of customer relationships. The four attributes are company credibility, sustained superior product quality, best purchase and RV Financing terms, and uncompromising personal service.

Attribute number one, "Company Credibility" has to do with our leaders and associates character, what we are, and our competence, what we can do, our knowledge and skills. We believe our people must model our values of making and keeping promises, clarifying expectations, demonstrate respect, be transparent in our dealings, listen for understanding, show loyalty, and right wrongs by apologizing and doing the right thing. Our competence is made up of our knowledge, skills and motivation. All our associates are trained and certified in their area of responsibility. We believe that we must continuously improve as professionals to foster lifetime relationships between and associates and customers.

Attribute number four, "Uncompromising Personal Service", means that we will seek first to understand your concerns and work out solutions together. Our intent is to make sure you have a hassle free experience with your purchase and ownership of your recreational vehicle. We conduct a rally each spring for our owners, operational seminars, and sales promotions including special discounts on parts, accessories, and labor throughout the year.

The purpose of our company is to serve our customers, associates, community, and country. We take our responsibility very seriously and strive to be the best!