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Our Customers

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On our visit to Parkview RV, we spent well over an hour with one of their Sales Associates who explained everything about purchasing a RV and how it would fit our lifestyle. He was so detailed, and he exhibited such excellent Customer Service. He had our attention.

He showed us several motor homes on the lot, and then he gave us a tour of Parkview, introduced us to each of the Service Technicians, the Service Staff Members, and the Owners of Parkview RV Sales and Service. He shared with us information about the annual rallies and seminars Parkview offers each year. He assured us that not having all the knowledge we needed upon the purchase was OK. We learned that the Service Technicians not only show up each day and work on the RV's and Campers, but they study and become Master Technicians. No other RV Sales and Service that we'd researched offered what Parkview was offering us.

We signed the Purchase Agreement that day. We enjoyed our Voyage and loved the fact that we would never have to leave our Alpha and Omega behind again while we were on vacation.

Then about a year later, Parkview added more RV's and Campers to their lot. No two floor plans are identical there. It's amazing to see so many beautiful ones with such good floor plans. There are just so many awesome ones! We saw a motor home that had a floor plan we just loved. We again sat down with our Sales Associate and he assisted us in custom ordering our 2008 Adventurer. Every detail was covered!

Unlike any other RV Sales and Service Center we visited, Parkview carefully sells you what meets your life style best, they service it with whatever it needs, and they educate you on every aspect of your RV or Camper, inside and out. We stayed over night on the Parkview Lot the first night with both of our RV's. No other RV Sales Center we'd researched offered this.

Of all the RV Sales and Service Centers we researched, of all the Sales Associates we met in the three years we were shopping - none came close to Parkview. Attention to detail is big with us, as is Customer Service. After two motor homes, much service department interaction - (they even winterized our motor home for us) we've learned there's no problem, small or large that they don't help resolve.

Parkview is like a security blanket when you need one most. If you're out of state and have a question, they give you undivided attention on the phone, and continue to exhibit their professionalism and their personal touch as well. They are the most genuine, honest, people of any business we've dealt with in Delaware since we arrived here in 1988.

Your Friends, Anne and Morris Hendley
- Anna